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Conference Description:

This year's edition of the annual Cosmo International Conference on Particle Physics and Cosmology -- Cosmo05 -- will be hosted by the University of Bonn, from Sunday (morning) August 28 until Thursday (after lunch) September 1, 2005. The conference will take place at the Physikalisches Institut, Nussallee 12.

Cosmo-05 will be the 9th in the Cosmo series after Ambleside 97, UK; Asilomar 98, US; Trieste 99, Italy; Cheju Island 2K, Korea; Rovaniemi 01, Finland; Chicago 02, US; Ambleside 03, UK; and Toronto 04, Canada.

The Cosmo series is one of the major venues of interaction between cosmologists and particle physicists. The Conference will be devoted to the modern interfaces between Fundamental and Phenomenological Particle Physics and Physical Cosmology and Astronomy.

The topics covered at the meeting will include:

* Cosmological parameters, CMB

* Dark Matter

* Dark Energy, Quintessence, Cosmological constant

* Large Scale Structure

* Baryo-Leptogenesis

* Neutrino Astrophysics, High energy cosmic rays

* Inflation, cosmological fluctuations

* Cosmology on Branes and extra dimensions

* Superstring Cosmology